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Whale watching, whales around Iceland

Whale watching, whales around...

Here is a pref description of the whales that can be found around Iceland, with emphasis on...

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Sandgerði, Southern Peninsula, Iceland

Sandgerði, Southern Peninsula,...

The town of Sandgerði is located on the western side of Reykjanes peninsula.

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Air Atlanta Icelandic

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Air Atlanta was formed by Capt. Arngrímur Jóhannsson and his wife Þóra Jóhannsson as a contract...

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The Antique Map of Guðbrandur Þorláksson

The Antique Map of Guðbrandur...

A map of Iceland was published in the collection of the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius in...

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The Fresh Foods of Iceland

The Fresh Foods of Iceland

Iceland is a place out of time. Its businesses are modern and competitive, but its land is fresh,...

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