Item availability

You can consult at any time in real time, the availability of a item in the Product Description.

The vast majority of the products in IcelandToYou are available and ready to be shippped.

If an item is sold out, this information would be shown with the label "Out of Stock".


Available items

Most orders for In-Stock items begin the order process as soon as your online purchase is completed. The sending process is as shown below:

• The product is located in the warehouse.
• Your payment is approved, and the receiving address is verified.
• The product is shipped using the chosen shipping option.

Delivery times vary according to the shipping method you select during checkout and the location of your shipping address.


Out of stock items

Some items are temporarily out of stock and not available for shipment until a specific release date provided by the supplier.

In IcelandToYou we know instantly when a product is out of stock and immediately proceed to purchase a new supply. However, the costumer has the option to request the purchase of an out of stock item contacting our Costumer Service on the contact form. It is essential to indicate the name of the product and its reference on the message subject. As soon as the item becomes available in stock, our customer will receive an email notification.