The Fresh Foods of Iceland

The Fresh Foods of Iceland
Purity You Can Taste With Every Bite.

Iceland is a place out of time. Its businesses are modern and competitive, but its land is fresh, volcanic, fertile, and pristine. Geothermal steam vents heat the country and, coupled with hydroelectric dams, supply all the electricity its people need. Glacial runoff feeds the streams in which Icelandic fish are born, and grass grows from soil unpolluted by the waste of heavy industry to nourish the sheep and lambs that are set free into the meadows every spring. Visitors come to this country for the bubbling hot springs, breathtaking waterfalls, rumbling volcanic mountain ranges, and rivers of pure water. A land such as this cannot help but produce the best natural foods on the planet.

Cod and haddock are fresh frozen at sea by Icelandic fisherman to ensure the freshest flavor available anywhere. The waters surrounding Iceland’s coast are protected from pollution by strict laws, guaranteeing that the fish pulled from the icy depths are of the highest quality in any ocean. Regulations on healthy, sustainable fisheries are doubly important in Iceland, where a large portion of the population is involved in some way with the fishing industry. All Icelandic sheep and lambs are raised in a natural, free range environment and only gathered for the winter. Pure and simple: Iceland foods offer purity you can taste with every bite.
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